CHINA SHOWS in Belgium


Welcome on China Shows, the first Chinese event-bureau in Belgium and hompage of professional musician Ma Xiao Juan (Ma Jane).

Together with the culture house of China in Brussels and the culture department of the Embassy of China she tries to promote old tradition as well as modern Chinese cultures in Belgium.

Shows organised by Ma Xiao Juan bring you back to past times in this still amazing country with hundreds of minorities and majorities living in harmony. Every past dynasty is characterized by a multitude of personal and societal habits, dresscodes and music which vary greatly through the vast and powerful areas ruled by emperors, Khan’s and Peoples chosen Presidents. China’s cultural gift to the world is perplexing, astonishing and amazing. No other country or Union could have had more culture than China.

And some of this culture is presented to you by Ma Xiao Juan. As professional artis and musician she knows how to amaze her public with her musical skills and fitting outfits. She constantly invests in inovating her shows, outfits and stage designs.

Interested to see her on one of her shows?

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Best Wishes.

* Loving cultures and sharing interest in other cultures is the key to create a harmonised and beautiful society.